Thursday, January 10, 2013


This is my first experience blogging, so bare with me. I'm looking at it as my personal therapy hour. Expressing my thoughts, concerns and sharing ideas, while gaining positive, and who knows..maybe some not so positive feedback from others.

How do us working mothers survive? I'm not saying that being a SAHM isn't a full time job, because I have been there as well, and it's not all it is cracked up to be.

I'm stuck in the rut of feeling like I am unable to spend as much time with my children and SO as I would like. I work 40 hours a week opposite of my SO, only to come home to toys scattered every where, (after Eric has already cleaned TONS before work) including legos (that I dont see until I step on) my sweet kids jumping all over me excited to see me, only for me to have to get dinner started, pick up the kitchen and try to breathe. I know, I know...dinner can wait, the mess can wait, laundry can wait. In reality? No, no it least not in my world. I'm not saying that these things take importance over my children, but if my house isn't "picked up" I can't relax. After my aunt leaves (she watches the children) and we get through dinner, it seems like the night is gone! My little one, goes to bed by 730, or else she turns into Satan, and my older two, (6.5, 9) value this quiet time together. We sit down, watch a tv show, play a board game or just talk about the day. Soon enough, its already 7:50 and time to get ready for bed. That leaves me with about 2 hours a day to enjoy them. Life goes by too fast, and they're only little once.

So, this is my resolution. In 2013, I am going to try to stick to a "house schedule" that will not only reduce my stress, but reduce the family stress. I have implemented this, and ya know what? So far, so good. I am used to doing about 3 loads of laundry DAILY! Yes, with a family of 5- thats normal in our household. I'm proud to say, Ive gotten it down to about 1 wash a night ;) that I throw in the wash as soon as I walk into the door! Also, I clean up the kitchen while I'm making dinner. Frees up about another 20 minutes that I can spend with the children after dinner. Little changes are making big differences in my household. I have been feeling less stressed about coming home and seeing things out of place.

So now, we get into time with Eric. Does that even exist? Im exhausted once the 3 LO's go to bed. By 8:30, Im shot. (Which is why I tend to do my cleaning before hand!) I wake about 530/6am every morning, and work until 4pm. Eric works second shift, leaving the house about 1:45p and returning at 11:30pm, only to find me in a mom-induced coma. My working schedule being the strict M-F, and his being Sun-Thurs, we have Saturdays to spend a full day together, and that's it. Not much room for adult time, is it? No. On Saturday AM, he runs a workout group (as well as M&W mornings) and I am home with the children. He returns home about 1130a, and the rest of the day is spent tackling home improvement chores, the remainder of the laundry, dropping the kids off there, picking them up here..attending birthday parties, family parties and AHHH! You catch the drift. Catch ya never, Eric.

I am very proud to say, that I have dedicated Saturday "Family day" after Erics workout group. Saturday, is a SATURDAY. A day off to goof around with the kids, catch up on laughs we missed out on during our hectic week and at the end of the day to sit back and enjoy adult time. Whether it be takeout and a movie, once the kids go to bed..its our time. Regardless if we fall asleep during the movie (which we usually do) I will still be satisfied knowing that we took time for eachother. Tomorrow, we will be spending the day at the Museum of Science. Allowing the kids to touch, explore, question and just ENJOY the day together. And also- a Saturday in Boston during January being 55 degrees? I'll take it!

Other working moms, or SAHM- how do you find time for yourself, your SO and your LO while maintaining a somewhat put together home, and being able to enjoy every little moment possible?